Expat Financial Advice

Strategic Financial Planning for Expatriates by Performance Fee-Only, Fiduciary, Independent Financial Adviser

Our added value

We provide access to tailor-made management solutions for a privileged expat clientele. By investing our equity in the same solutions that we offer you, we can align each other's interests.

While most financial institutions have different activities, we are fully committed to your investments.

Our fundamental value is to share our expertise with you and guide you in your long-term investment choices.

Personal Financial Advice

Expat Wealth At Work offers you tailor-made strategic advice to achieve your financial objectives. We work out a targeted financial plan based on a total analysis of your financial and tax situation (financial scan). And guarantee the correct implementation and follow-up. We personally guide you through your entire process. Make the right choices about your income, assets, pension and inheritance and enjoy the life you have in mind for yourself and your family.


Smart Saving

How do you build a piggy bank that is available when you need it? A capital that grows steadily, even when the traditional savings account no longer pays off? Where you don't have to choose between enjoying and saving? Wealth planning offers you comfort and unburdens you.

Thoughtful Legacy

We all have to go sometime. Unfortunately, we have no control over how. But you can protect who and what you love with tailor-made succession planning. This way you ensure peace of mind and that of your loved ones. And don't wait until life surprises you.

Solid and Secure Income

You work hard for your money, for your family and for your business. Paying taxes is part of life. But being able to live and save well, that's what you do it for - even when the going gets tough. Expat Wealth At Work analyses your income and helps you to protect and optimise it.

Carefree Pension

You also want to be able to live comfortably after your retirement and enjoy the fun things that you may have less time for now. This will not be possible with the statutory pension alone. Start on time with a tailor-made retirement plan. This way you build up the necessary pension capital.


Only 2% of all advisers are real financial advisers who only work with a performance fee. 

The other 98% are brokerage consultancies - the ones you hear about often. All of these advisors receive commissions from funds and insurers for products ("portfolio bond", "offshore savings policy" etc.) they sell to you.

High-fee investments cost you significant amounts over time. Often you are not even aware of these high costs; however, they can make a big difference in an advisor's recommendations by directing clients to products that financially benefit the advisor, not necessarily you - the client.

As part of the 2%, we are only compensated by the performance fees we charge our clients, not by commissions earned from the sale of financial products or financial transactions.

Expat Wealth At Work is a fiduciary and legally obliged to act in the interest of our clients. We never deduct our costs from our customers' accounts. We charge an annual performance fee of 0.4% of the market value of a client's portfolio IF the agreed annual return of the client's portfolio is achieved.

We all have our own unique relationship with money. We certainly have our own unique way of both spending and saving money.

When choosing an investment professional, the value you receive is based on the quality of your relationship and their ability to meet, or even exceed, your expectations. Many people don't mind paying for investment guidance, nor expect a professional to perform superhuman feats with their portfolios, but they do expect a commitment to service that...

In some respects, the personal finance sections in the press can be useful. For example, warnings about financial scammers and some of the methods they use are always helpful. Likewise, regular reminders for you to try and get the best rate on your mortgage, and similar tips about how you can save money on anything from holiday insurance to air...