Our Investing Approach

Expat Wealth At Work is focused on providing investors with a growing income stream that will over time transform into capital growth. Each investment decision is shaped by this vision and clearly documented to ensure continuity, process adherence and established policies. Our foremost concern is to protect the wealth of our clients' against after inflation and costs. We are also willing to accommodate a degree of risk in seeking growth. We therefore focus on building concentrated, high-conviction portfolios while adhering to the following principles:

Every asset we invest in is selected on its own merits. We begin by researching and analysing individual opportunities and gain a deep understanding of the investments we choose to include in our portfolio. We then apply the context of our portfolio: what does this investment bring to the portfolio as a whole? Our 'bottom up' process assumes that individual assets can do well even if an industry is not performing.

Diversification across an investment portfolio remains one of the cornerstones of a sound investment strategy. By constructing portfolios with a high level of diversification across asset classes, we believe that superior returns can be generated. We look for investments globally, rather than limit ourselves to one market or region.is where your text starts.

It is difficult to improve investment return without taking on risk. However, it is important to distinguish between good and bad risk. Unnecessary risk can leave your portfolio exposed to increased potential for loss. Since markets are dynamic and volatile, it is necessary to be adaptable and to continually assess the risks. We monitor portfolios on a daily basis to ensure they are adhering to our investment principles and continue to match the desired risk parameters.

Expat Wealth At Work has an uncompromising commitment to the interests of its investors. We understand our investors are not interested in investing in a 'black box' - they want to understand the portfolio and measure its growth. Our investors receive quarterly reports benchmarking their investments progress and have live access to portfolio changes. We are upfront about our administrative fees and charges, ensuring that investors can clearly see the value for money we deliver.