Bank on a stronger relationship with a financial coach


The top three things couples fight about are time, money and sex. Many folks turn to a marriage counsellor in a time of need. Did you know that you can also turn to a financial coach to help you dig in and work through money challenges before they seriously affect your relationship?

The most common money fights.

Nearly every couple gets stuck at one time or another on financial issues. It is common to feel frustrated when no real change occurs even after having conversations around money repeatedly. Some common issues couples experience are spending habits that don't align, debt they may not be 100% honest about, future financial goals that don't match up, and even things like how many kids each partner feels they can afford.

Finally, be heard by your partner.

If you're feeling tension, arguing or losing trust within your relationship, an outside party like a certified financial coach can help you create a go-forward plan. The first step is for each partner to talk honestly about how they're feeling. The financial coach can then objectively hear how each partner experiences money within the relationship and help bring anything not being fully heard to light. Talking in an honest, open, supportive way can be a huge help. The financial coach can then also bring what's also going unsaid to light. When 100% honesty happens, new goals, new boundaries and new ways to compromise can be put together in positive ways.

Kiss. Make up. Make a plan.

Once everything's out in the air, you can make smart financial decisions. You will want to fuel your most important dreams as a couple and create a life together that has meaning and money for both necessities and fun. A financial coach can offer wisdom around paying off debt or where to begin setting healthier boundaries individually and as a couple. You can then work together to create automatic savings and healthy spending structures. Less fighting, more loving is what it's all about and where you really want to be. So, if you're stuck, don't be afraid to ask the right expert for help.

A financial coach is actually a money coach. Sometimes things happen in life that have a big impact on your financial situation. These are often emotional events that prevent you from prioritising to keep your financial household transparent. Do you see the pile of papers only getting bigger and you don't know where to start? A money coach can help!

A financial coach helps you with issues such as:

- How do I get more control over my expenses?

- How do I get over my financial turmoil?

- My financial situation has changed. How should I deal with this?

- How do I get rid of my debts as quickly as possible?

- I have payment arrears. How do I work this out?

- How do I save more money for really important things in my life?

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