Expat Investments - Getting Started


We believe in flexibility, liquidity and penalty-free access to capital should your circumstances change. This isn't always possible with offshore investment products as restrictions can mean financial penalties for withdrawals or policy closure. Needing your funds back quickly can end in frustration, and the fact contractual investments are more popular among advisers than investors is telling.

Liquid, Flexible Investing

Technology now makes it easier than ever to invest in value-driven securities. Reporting and valuation systems generally come as standard and expat savers can benefit from automated payments and direct debits, leaving you to enjoy hassle-free investing.

The process is simple and if you have surplus cash to invest, we'll help you choose an investment account and provide expert guidance on securities to invest in.

Valuations, research capability, historical transactions and contract notes can all be accessed via secure portals to keep you fully informed. And with trades submitted online, transactions are completed quickly and your cash returned quickly whenever you need it.

How Does It Work?

  • Access to 100% of capital penalty-free
  • Increasing and decreasing of contributions
  • Payment freezing without charge
  • Charges payable as you go without lock-ins
  • Simple fund switching
  • Dedicated 24 hour online access portals
  • Opening accounts anywhere in the world
  • Capitalising on market fluctuations
  • Expert advice on asset allocation

With so many options to choose from it can get confusing, so Expat Wealth At Work helps expats find the best possible value in the market and the appropriate expat investment platform for you.

To learn more about secure, low-cost investment platforms, contact us today -info@expatwealthatwork.com and we will provide you with the trusted guidance you're looking for.