Expat Investments


If you are looking for expat investments, you have probably come across numerous providers and websites. The British are particularly active in the expat investment market, offering opaque opportunities that make it difficult to figure out what they are actually doing. That's not what you're looking for; certainly not when you discover that your portfolio's performance is minimal or negative, whereas there are sky-high costs associated with the "services" of these financial salesmen.

expatwealthatwork puts an end to that! We only work in a transparent manner, always letting you know what we do. In addition, your money is always available the next day when you need it. Did you know that we are also one of the 2% that really makes a difference in the field of expat investments?

Expat investments; a profession in its own right

When you are working as an expat, chances are that you have a higher income and that you are already thinking about your old age, or ways to put your wealth to work harder. But as an expat, that can be difficult. For example, where do you start? Are there specific companies that help expats with investments and that provide optimal convenience so that you can just get to work with the things you need to do? They certainly exist, but they are not always reliable.

Most providers in this market are brokerage consultancies. This mainly means that they themselves do not know what happens to your money, while they do earn 'fat' commissions. You can no doubt imagine what this does to your portfolio's performance, if any money is left over.

We belong to the 2% who do things differently. We are the people who get to work with your investments, prepare the reports ourselves and inform you about the performance and the composition of your portfolio. It also means that we can work very transparently. No wonder, of course, when we have everything in our own hands.

Performance-based fees for all expat investments

If you are concerned about the potential costs, we understand very well. The opaque structures and shady practices have created a lot of uncertainty and mistrust in the expat investment market. That's why we operate on a performance-based fee basis only. You only pay when we achieve the objectives with your portfolio. Our performance fee is 0.4% of the market value of your portfolio. Since we only charge this performance fee once we've reached the targets, you don't have to worry about anything. We always provide the clarity you want when it comes to your expat investments.

We do not take unnecessary risks, always diversify investments in the most sensible and broad way and let you know exactly what we do and how your portfolio is doing when you want to have insight into the state of your affairs.

Do you choose our expat investments?

If you are looking for a professional who can arrange your expat investments for you, then you have come to the right place. We are happy to help you personally with advice and tailor-made investments. If you want to know what we can do for you with your budget, just contact us; we would be happy to sit down with you to discuss the options personally and to tell you exactly what we do in the field of expat investments.

Contact us without obligation: info@expatwealthatwork.com