In the world of investing, nobody knows if and by how much your money will grow. The only certainties are the charges you pay. The problem is that often these charges are completely hidden and reduce the returns you would otherwise enjoy. Even worse, they come in the form of commissions and are often used to incentivise salespeople to give risky and incorrect advice.

Currently international financial services isn't a profession but an industry where products are manufactured and then sold. For the most part, financial regulatory protections simply don't exist. In the absence of strong regulators, most banks, insurance companies and investment brokers continue to hide fees and commissions. This often means you only get half the story about costs and less than a third of the returns you should receive. As a high-performance expat, you are investing predominantly for one of three reasons. Either you are:

  • Wanting peace of mind

  • Looking to take care of the people you love

  • Worried about making life- changing mistakes

Whatever your reason, you want to make sure your money is working for you! You certainly don't want your wealth to be eroded by hidden charges, chipping away at the future you're working so hard to secure.

In the below guide,

we hope to reveal where hidden costs can be found so you know what to look out for.

Don't take what you are told at face value. Always check the fact and understand how these structures work. Performance-Fee based advice is the most transparent way of charging. Finally, do your research, demand transparency, and use this information to make sure you get the advice you deserve.

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