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We are committed to helping expatriate victims of pension and investment scams and negligence. Financial salesmen have severely compromised the integrity of the offshore financial services industry. We have seen the abject misery and financial ruin caused by financial 'mis-selling'. This ongoing scamming spree has ruined thousands of lives till now and made dozens of financial salesmen very rich.

No firm with a conscience or any professional ethics should ever use insurance bonds ("life bond" or "portfolio bond") from providers in Isle of Man, Guernsey, Ireland, Mauritius, Cayman Islands, Bermuda etc. Most advisory firms in Asia, China, Middle East etc. are still doing so vigorously and unashamedly (with the same old lame excuse that such bonds are "tax efficient"!!!).

We are highly motivated to protect expatriates and offer them Independent, Fair, Transparent, Performance Fee paid Financial Advice you can trust.

But how do expatriates avoid getting scammed by financial salesmen?

Part of the problem is knowing what questions to ask - and then being able to understand the answers.

1. Check that the firm is authorised (regulated; licensed). If investment advice is given, make sure the firm has an investment license: don't be fooled into believing that an insurance license is enough. It isn't.

2. Check that the salesman is qualified to give financial advice. He must provide evidence of any qualifications claimed. If the relevant institute does not show the qualification, then the salesman is not qualified - no matter what exams may have been passed previously.

3. Don't get talked into an insurance/portfolio bond. They are very expensive and unnecessary - and only serve to pay the financial salesmen a fat commission.

4. Don't let a salesman invest your funds into expensive, risky assets which are only there to pay fat, undisclosed commissions FROM YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.

Lastly, make sure you get everything - all costs, fees, charges and commissions - in writing. DON'T GET SCAMMED!

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