Investing in Fixed Income Bonds while thriving amid Chaos


In a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, changes are sudden, fast and unpredictable. The business ecosystem that has become more chaotic - and somewhat frightening to navigate.

How do you prepare for change that is unpredictable and out of your control, and benefit from increasing uncertainty and disruption?

A paradigm shift is needed. Resilience and robustness are no longer enough. You must become anti fragile and learn how to take advantage from disruption and embrace change rather than resist it.

We are offering some of the best uncorrelated senior secured fixed income opportunities within arguably the current most popular asset classes, operated by truly innovative and remarkable entrepreneurs.

Our focus is on Fixed Income Bonds: with fixed income strategies forever forming a key part of institutional asset owner's overall investment holdings, we have explored changing trends and offer you new opportunities to generate yield from a growing array of fixed income strategies and cash plus funds.

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  • Embrace a future-ready mindset fit for a fast-changing world

Asset Classes

  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Trade Finance
  3. US Multi Family Real Estate Market
  1. Neutral Fuels Renewable Energy

Neutral Fuels was founded by cleantech entrepreneur Karl W. Feilder in 2011. The company transforms waste cooking oil into biofuel, a commercially viable drop-in replacement for the harmful fossil fuel used in diesel engines. Neutral Fuels net zero biofuel is a clean, green renewable fuel which immediately reduces transport carbon footprint to zero, enabling organisations to stop contributing to climate change.

Surrounded by bespoke recycling technology including a cloud- based tracking system, handheld apps, and IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, Neutral Fuels gives each customer a full waste audit trail and detailed fuel consumption insights that enable them to reduce operating costs and improve fleet efficiency.

Since inception, the direct actions of Neutral Fuels have resulted in a reduction of more than 33 million kg CO2e for customers, including restaurant chains, truck and bus transportation fleets, hotels, the construction industry, the oil and gas industries, and maritime shipping. Neutral Fuels is the largest producer of biofuel in the Gulf region. The company operates in the UAE, Bahrain, India, and South Africa, and is rapidly extending its operations to other parts of the world.

2. Abcor Finance Ltd - Trade Finance

Abcor is a specialised trade finance business focused on assisting trading companies/clients to purchase goods to satisfy customer orders. Their clients may need assistance if they are rapidly growing, the business is highly seasonal, or they have a larger than usual one-off order which can't be fulfilled under existing facilities.

Abcor specialises in funding goods at the first stage of the working capital cycle to ensure that the client fulfils its order, thereby making an incremental profit that may otherwise have gone unrealised. The agreement for funding depends on the details of the transaction itself, the goods, the creditworthiness of the client, and the creditworthiness of the counter parties involved in the transaction. Abcor's ethos is to have a deep understanding of the client's business and the mechanics of the transaction. This understanding allows Abcor to assist companies that may not attract support from traditional bank lenders.

3. DCM Real Estate Sureste Property Group

A specialist originator and owner of US multi-family housing in "work force" apartments. The Company specialises in providing short to medium term finance in the Southeast United States; primarily in the growing markets of Atlanta and other major cities. The Company also operates and is responsible for all construction and property management of the typical 100-500-unit size apartment properties. Sureste and its principals have over 100 years combined real estate and finance experience.

Sureste has originated, underwritten and serviced together with its partners more than $1B of commercial loans and apartment acquisitions, with a weighted portfolio LTV average of 70%, with no losses or loan delinquencies. They currently own over 15,000 units. The returns are made possible due to operating in a large niche sector that is largely under-serviced by mainstream banks and lenders and is stable with a 95% overall occupancy in the work force housing sector of US multi-family.

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