Our Wealth Management Approach


Our Wealth Management takes a complete and comprehensive approach to managing all aspects of our clients' financial lives. We believe that looking at a client's financial condition in a comprehensive and complete way creates the greatest probability that our clients will make the wisest choices with their money, and therefore, not run out of it. 

The process begins with the development of a comprehensive financial plan that is tailored specifically to you. We believe that a customised, written financial plan that focuses on the actual numbers instead of pretty pie charts is the keystone to all financial decisions and your financial success. During this process, we gather your information, including goals, timelines, incomes, expenses, assets, and liabilities to see what needs to be done to secure your financial future. In addition, your plan can also serve as a reference point for examining opportunities that arise and give you the peace of mind to be able to enjoy your money. We update and re-run your plan annually to account for any changes in your situation and to make sure we are working with up-to-date information.

We believe that transparency is key in our clients' understanding of how their finances are doing.

At expatwealthatwork, we do not see financial plans as a sales tool, nor do we believe that generic plans really give any real guidance either. With your financial plan, we can set up the appropriate accounts, and through a discussion about risk, invest your money appropriately so that you have the best probability of achieving your financial goals. Furthermore, we can assess your financial risks that need to be managed, as well as, coordinate your income tax return with your portfolio.

Our Wealth Management is developed on a wrap basis. This means that the only investment fee you pay us will be a performance fee. All transaction costs or maintenance fees associated with brokerage, as well as, tax preparation fees are absorbed by us so that there is a clear understanding of what you are getting and how much you are paying.

We believe in promoting wealth and giving our clients' peace-of-mind.

We also believe that transparency is key in our clients' understanding of how their finances are doing. Every quarter, you will receive a performance report benchmarking how your portfolio has performed. We also provide our clients with a customised web portal to their accounts with a login that can give them immediate access to such information, as well as, any market commentary.

If you have questions about international pensions, savings, insurance, investment or you want to preserve, grow and transmit your assets/wealth or you are unhappy with the level of service/ advice and the performance you have been receiving from your banker/financial advisor, please contact me without any commitment - info@expatwealthatwork.com - to discuss your options.