Poor fund performance? Need a new Financial Advisor?


Are you the victim of poor fund performance? Is your investment portfolio continually falling to produce the returns you expected or were promised? Perhaps you have an underperforming pension fund and are worried about meeting your needs at retirement?

  • Would you be satisfied if your investments were left in underperforming funds?
  • Would you expect your advisor to inform you if you were invested in underperforming funds?

The reasons for finding yourself invested in poor performing funds can be varied; much will depend on who has been appointed with the responsibility of ensuring your investment portfolio, or pension, is regularly reviewed and on track to meet your objectives. If you have assumed responsibility for this yourself, well then the buck stops there we are afraid!..But.. if your money has been entrusted to a professional advisor, such as your pension provider or your Financial Advisor, then you should rightly be asking the question: Why?

The fact remains that the most common reason for poor fund performance arises from a failure to carry out or receive regular reviews of your investments. This may be as a result of losing contact with your original Financial Advisor or from a lack of contact from your current Financial Advisor or pension provider. In the case that you do posses the expertise to have assumed the responsibility of this task for yourself, perhaps you have simply suffered from being unable to allocate sufficient time to ensure that this task is carried out methodically and with regularity.

The difficult economic climate has emphasised just how quickly things can change - and so what might be the best place for your money today, may not be the right place tomorrow. Without ensuring your investments are reviewed on a regular basis, your portfolio may start to underperform and deliver lower returns than you could otherwise have achieved.

With such a wide variety of choices of where and how to invest, together with the requirement to ensure the performance of your money is regularly monitored, it is understandable why many see investing as such a daunting prospect. Whilst investing will always involve an element of risk, and guarantees will be hard to find; by working with a Financial Advisor you can trust and depend on, you can have confidence that your best interests will always be looked after - which includes ensuring you are not sat languishing in underperforming funds

Our commitment to our clients

  • We are committed to providing you with the very best solutions that put your needs first 100% of the time.
  • Our business is built on trust and providing exceptional service; we will continue to deliver you with strong support and expert guidance at every step of the our journey together.
  • We will take the time to gain a full understanding of your individual financial needs and goals and help you to correctly determine your appetite for risk and reward.
  • Whilst the past performance of any investment we recommend is always something we consider - as part of our wider due diligence process - our focus is always forward driven when it comes to selecting the best investments. This approach helps us to ensure we continue to select investments with the most potential to deliver you the best possible returns.

If your investment portfolio or pension fund is suffering from poor fund performance, or if you have lost contact with your Financial Advisor, don't suffer in silence; take the first positive step towards rectifying the situation by contacting us today: info@expatwealthatwork.com  We will then arrange your free financial review, which will include a follow up report detailing any recommended action where appropriate.