Reinvest the capital of your Belgian group insurance/pension fund


Once you retire, you start a new chapter in your life. Unfortunately, you can no longer count on your professional income. You will of course receive your statutory pension every month, but this is often insufficient to maintain the same standard of living. Fortunately, if your employer has taken out group insurance/set up a pension fund for you, you are entitled to an additional piggy bank when you retire.

Before you take your statutory pension, it is best to calculate the monthly amount that you need to be able to live the way you want once you are retired. If you have estimated these expenses, you more or less know how much you need to live. It is then perfectly possible that you do not want to use a - small or large - part of your group insurance/pension fund right away. In that case, a thoughtful reinvestment of your capital is probably something for you.

Reinvest the capital of your group insurance/pension fund

Many people choose to reinvest (part of) the amount of their group insurance/pension fund after their retirement. In this way, it can continue to perform optimally until the end of their old age.

Reinvesting capital can be done in different ways. One way is to reinvest (part of) your capital via a unique, smart and low-cost investment platform in Luxembourg with NO SURRENDER CHARGES or NO LOCK-IN PERIOD and YOUR MONEY FULLY ACCESSIBLE FROM DAY ONE. This platform offers various options for investing your pension capital based on your investor profile unlike the common and generic branch 21 and branch 23 insurance products which are offered in Belgium.

You can be sure of a guaranteed return and protection of capital and therefore this platform is a safe solution if you want to take few risks with your pension capital.

Do you want to know more? expatwealthatwork gives you tailor-made advice to reinvest your capital: