Transfer your Irish occupational pensions to an EU Retirement Benefit Scheme / EURBS


Irish expats with an occupational pension scheme who have no desire to go back home once they retire could gain advantages by transferring their pension fund to an EU Retirement Benefit Scheme (EURBS).

expatwealthatwork is now offering a pension solution for those with an Irish Occupational Pension Scheme but who are not tax resident in the Republic of Ireland and intend to remain outside the Republic of Ireland.

The EU Retirement Benefit Scheme is licensed and regulated as a personal retirement scheme with the Malta Financial Services Authority.

To be eligible to apply for the plan you must:

  • Be a member of a Republic of Ireland occupational pension scheme with a transferable preserved benefit where the qualifying service in employment relating to the scheme exceeded two years and terminated (otherwise than on death) before normal pensionable date.
  • Wish to transfer that pension for bona fide reasons (e.g. retiring overseas and wanting to consolidate pensions) and not for the purpose of circumventing Republic of Ireland pension or tax rules.
  • Be tax resident outside the Republic of Ireland and intending to remain so.
  • Have no intention to retire to the Republic of Ireland.

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