Tired of being pitched by IFA's and the likes?


We are still getting used to the resistance from expats to meet and this thanks to our cowboy friends in the offshore financial services arena. However, we do firmly believe that there is quite a few of the 'good guys' out there and we know how hard it is to repair the literal damage done (and still being done) by the IFA firms, all in the name of how big they are and represented worldwide.

At the end of the day thousands of expats still need good Financial Planning. It is alarming how many expats out there are just not preparing for their retirement as an example with a good portion of them still in a position to actually do something about it, now. 

Well, we suppose one could bang on and on about it ! Bottom line, we are professionals and we command respect from our clients. Why should meeting your advisor be any less important than meeting your doctor, lawyer, accountant or other industry professional?

You have to shrug off the sales-man / policy pedlar / insurance salesman stigma. Easier said than done, but it has got to be done. We guess it is all about credibility, good referrals and a good reputation at the end of the day. Some people who have seen 3-4 other advisors over time end up doing business with us. Why? They "buy" into us and what we can offer: we actively manage portfolios, we definitely do not sell anything and can appreciate that people are not ignorant. 

Before it sounds like we blow our own trumpet here, it would be good to hear from you, let's spill the beans, what makes your blood boil? Just for the record: many of our clients are actually making good money in 2022 as an example when the world is just about falling to pieces. 

We don't sell products, we offer solutions. We love what we do and we make people money. We have not seen many DIY's posting great stats, as this is a full time job in itself. With the investment platform we offer you can get access to much sought after funds you would have never had access to. Funds that might require a minimum of U$ 1 million investment. Work with us and you get in at $ 2k.

There are many "know it all" out there, many opinions and all the rest. In closing....yes, 1000's out there do just sell products, 100% right. We are just not one of them...simple, and we get to CHOOSE who we want to work with: takes a while, but that comes with trust and being there for your clients. 

As for ourselves, (and maybe it is just us), we have clients with as little as $250 per month investments i.e. towards education or retirement. The big boys wouldn't even bother with that. Our $250 client gets as much attention as our $2000 / month client...period.

We are always happy to meet you and see where we can help. Don't hesitate to contact us to set date and time: hello@expatwealthatwork.com