Wealth management will always remain a people business despite the trend towards more digitalisation


It is very enriching to be a kind of sparring partner for our expat clients, with mutual trust and respect, usually across generations. Although Expat Wealth at Work rightly invests in the development of digital solutions, we are convinced that wealth management and estate planning will always remain a people business.

Our role is to help you think ahead - to provide guidance and support, to make sure you are heading in the right direction and to ensure you understand any and all implications based on our pertinent knowledge and experience.

Preserving wealth across generations requires long-term strategic thinking and is becoming an increasing challenge in this rapidly evolving world. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have built up a thorough knowledge of the expat market.

Our goal is 'to create value beyond wealth'. Sustainability and ESG are becoming more important as our clients increasingly seek sustainable solutions and a more sustainable lifestyle in general. At Expat Wealth at Work, this culture also lives inside of our wealth management and estate planning offering and we want to create additional value.

International Wealth Management and Estate Planning according to Expat Wealth at Work: a relationship of trust across generations! 

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