What are the best and latest high quality investment funds?


In a universe of over 20,000 funds, how do expatriate investors sort the good from the bad? There are never any guarantees, but Morningstar ratings together with S&P management ratings can help! For these ratings, all funds are scrutinised by Morningstar and S&P on past performance (a five-year period is examined, not the less reliable one-year usual), fund manager experience, background audits, face-to-face interviews and on-going fund surveillance. So stringent are the tests that only 1 per cent of all funds are eligible for a rating, either '5 Stars' or '4 Stars'.

'5 Stars' rated funds are the best; only 50 funds have made the grade. These funds have shown excellent long-term consistency and strong performance, backed-up by an experienced management team. However, as so few funds make the grade, not all fund sectors are represented.

One notch down, but still excellent, are the '4 Stars' rated funds. Just fewer than 150 funds have made the grade here, which means that expatriates have more choice over fund sectors. And these are still excellent investments.

'5 Stars' and '4 Stars' ratings are constantly monitored and are not indefinite. They are also not guarantees of performance; while many of these funds have outperformed their peers or the benchmarks there is nothing to say they will continue to do so.

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