Why are we different?


As a regulated company, we stand for sustainable growth of assets within a long-term relationship with our client. We put this sense of continuity very concretely into practice as a value.

Knowledge is the foundation of our wealth management and of our other services

  • We guide around two hundred expatriates in monitoring and analysing their wealth. Years of experience, linked to our own database, provides a clear insight into which investment strategies lead to a good return over the years.
  • Our investment philosophy and process are rooted in fundamental analysis. We attach little importance to predictions and we are not guided by short-term market movements at all.
  • Knowledge of our clients' objectives is of the utmost importance to us. Knowledge about our clients' investment experience is also very important. This knowledge enables us to develop and maintain professional management and follow-up.

Avoiding Capital Loss

  • Many (ill-considered) investments result in a structural loss of capital or, in other words, the definitive loss of invested money. Structural capital loss is precisely what expatwealthatwork by risk and what it absolutely wants to avoid. However, in the world of wealth management, risk is often described as volatility, the ups and downs of the financial markets. Driven by emotions, investors often exit at the wrong time and all too often suffer losses.
  • expatwealthatwork sees volatility in share prices as an opportunity: it gives the opportunity to invest at a lower valuation in quality companies. General market corrections provide entry opportunities that would never be possible in a private, negotiated transaction
  • As a regulated company, we meet the highest standards of compliance and integrity across all our operations.

Multidisciplinary Fiduciary Financial Advisor

  • We are a modern, comprehensive fiduciary financial advisor, where our personalised approach results in a consolidated and detailed overview of your total portfolio.
  • expatwealthatwork ensures a total 'unburdening' of your assets by taking on the administration, cost control and risk management.
  • expatwealthatwork specialises in wealth management for expatriates since 1994.
  • expatwealthatwork has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your objectives by giving concrete and clear advice with regard to investments, within the defined framework of our license.


  • We invest together with you in our investment philosophy.
  • We invest together with you. This is how we align our interests.

We are a partnership

  • The partnership means that the effective leadership of expatwealthatwork remains focused every day on the essentials: guiding our clients and advising investment decisions that lead to sustainable asset growth.
  • The management is the owner of expatwealthatwork. As such, we are completely dependent on our clients. The interest of the client is our interest.
  • Communication and an open relationship with the client are important to us. As entrepreneurs, we are open to new insights, good advice or pertinent comments.

Sense of responsibility

We hold the highest level of responsibility towards our clients. This means that we make clear agreements and formulate objectives with our client. We hold responsibility for the investment process and we monitor the discipline with which this is implemented. This sense of responsibility is maintained across changing family and market circumstances.

Full transparency in compensation

We believe that honesty is the beginning and end of a wealth management relationship. It goes without saying that we are completely transparent in our compensation structure. We apply the principle that we are only paid by our customers with a fee according to our performance. This means that we only select our investments based on fundamental and completely independent analysis.

If you have any questions about international pensions, savings, insurance or wealth accumulation and management, or if you would like to have your existing investment portfolio screened for free (in this way you will receive a second opinion on the assets that you hold with another bank and/or financial adviser), please feel free to contact us - info@expatwealthatwork.com - to discuss the possibilities.