ZENITH ENERGY - 10% pa Fixed Income Bond


Zenith Energy - Newsletter to Fixed Income Investors

$ USD = 10.375%, £ GBP = 10.50%, € EURO = 10.125%, CHF = 10.00%p.a. Fixed Income Bond Due 2024

We are glad to share with you the September newsletter for the Zenith Fixed Income Bond.

"Having recently further enlarged our Tunisian portfolio by way of the 100% acquisition of the Robbana and El Bibane concessions, our total net production across all assets is approximately 650 BOE (barrels of oil equivalent). Our recent sale of approximately US$4.5 million of Tunisian oil production clearly evidences the fact that we have become a profitable, cash generating, energy production company. Indeed, it is our expectation that our existing independent debt issuer credit rating (B- with Developing Outlook) will soon be positively adjusted to reflect these positive developments." ~ Andrea Cattaneo, Chief Executive Officer (Zenith Energy Ltd)

The Zenith Energy Multi-currency Notes 2024 Rated Bond Offering:

• Coupon: Fixed coupon payment per annum, currency dependent:

$ USD = 10.375%, £ GBP = 10.50%, € EURO = 10.125%, CHF = 10.00%

• Coupon Payment: Paid Semi-annually, 4-year term (3 years left until maturity)

• Raise: 25m

• Clearing/Settlement: Clearstream / Euroclear

• Liquidity: Freely transferable

• Daily traded from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday - Friday

• Rating: B- with positive outlook | View BRCA Rating Report |

• Securities are available to Retail Investors

All coupons have been paid on time and latest coupon RNS announcement is available on London Stock Exchange | LSE Coupon Announcement |

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