Zenith Energy Newsletter and Coupon Announcement 


We are pleased to announce the latest Zenith Energy Ltd coupon announcement payment for its multi-currency bond.

View Coupon Announcement -https://polaris.brighterir.com/public/zenith_energy/news/rns/story/r79o5gx

Please find below the latest Fact Sheet and Newsletter from Zenith Energy's CEO, Mr. Andrea Cattaneo.

Zenith Energy Ltd (LSE: ZEN; OSE: ZENA) has launched new series of multi-currency Euro Medium Term Notes due 2026. Zenith has an unblemished history in terms of the full and timely payment of all applicable coupon payments in relation to its debt instruments. The first Euro Bond matured in December 2021 and paid back the principal in full.

Zenith Energy Listed, Rated Multi-Currency Bond Due 2026:

  • Coupon: Fixed coupon payment per annum, currency dependent
  • $ USD = 10.375%, £ GBP = 10.50%, € EURO = 10.125%
  • Coupon Payment/Term: Paid Semi-annually, 4-year term
  • Raise: 25m
  • Currency: USD/GBP/EUR
  • Liquidity: Freely transferable, daily traded from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday - Friday
  • Listed: Vienna MTF Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Rating: B- with Positive Outlook (BCRA Credit Rating Agency) View BRCA Rating Report
  • Rating: B with Stable Outlook RAEX-Europe (Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH) View RAEX Rating Report
  • Eligibility: UCITS, ISA, SIPP, SASS, QROPS, Portfolio Bonds and Investment Platforms
  • Clearing/Settlement: Clearstream, Euroclear, OeKB CSD GmbH, or any other clearing system in the EU
  • Securities are available to Retail Investors

The Bond: The ZENITH ENERGY LTD NOTES DUE 2026 are a high yield debt instrument that offers investors a fixed return over a 4-year term. The Bonds provide a fixed income to investors by providing Zenith with additional capital to perform its development activities and to explore the completion of new asset acquisitions to enrich its portfolio.

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