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The consequences of the corona virus are felt everywhere. Think of lower economic growth, higher national debt, more bankruptcies and rising unemployment as a result. Does the corona crisis also affect you? Have a clear and personal financial plan to be well prepared for any situation.

Before the coronavirus became a pandemic, we regularly held presentations for a group of interested expatriates to explain the added value of an, preferably independent, investment advisor. The offshore financial services is still not an industry that excels in transparency and unambiguity. It is therefore striking every time how far...

(Bit)coin toss


Digital gold or "index for money laundering"? Fiat currency hedge or irrational mania? Bitcoin divides opinion more than most, but the bulls are in the ascendency at present and the 12-year old cryptocurrency is gathering many new followers as a result.

"Have you ever seen a child standing at the edge of a swimming pool?" The child is willing to jump in but also fears to take the plunge. It is often the same with novice investors.

After years of sustained poor performance, both in absolute terms and relative to global equities, the UK is poised for a revival and presents an excellent opportunity for investors. The end of a long period of political uncertainty for the UK, and the aligning of an exceptionally favourable combination of prospects and valuation metrics, has given...

It looks like a scenario for a Marvel movie: an anonymous inventor developing an uncontrollable virtual currency. But bitcoin is not fiction. Half the world is under the spell of bitcoin - simply explained, a kind of computer code to which a certain value is attached.

In a universe of over 20,000 funds, how do expatriate investors sort the good from the bad? There are never any guarantees, but Morningstar ratings together with S&P management ratings can help! For these ratings, all funds are scrutinised by Morningstar and S&P on past performance (a five-year period is examined, not the less reliable one-year...